osgi on rails

I've seen quite a few blogs/articles/etc. lately related to the adoption (or lack thereof) of OSGi in the mainstream web application/enterprise application space. A nice summation of these is encapsulated in this excerpt from a comment by Peter Kriens on DZone (you'll find it in the comments section for Yes, one of the next frontiers is to make OSGi easier to use for the web app developers. The solid foundation is there, so stop whining and help us create the tools, books, and tutorials that will make OSGi palatable in those markets.

jug leadership lessons learned on slideshare

I've been playing a bit with SlideShare today and I took the opportunity to upload the slides from my Community Corner interview with Kevin Farnham at JavaOne 2009. SlideShare has a nice feature that allows you to sync up the audio from an MP3 file with your slides, and since both were available, I thought I'd give it a try. The interface is extremely easy to use and I'm very happy with the outcome.

making java groovier with lambdaj

I spent the better part of yesterday tracing my way through the codebase for a large-scale enterprise application that my team is building right now, and I happened upon the following piece of code: //...imports excluded for clarity public class BusinessActivityBinMetaClassHelper { //... public static List<Long> getSrmMetaClassIdListJava(List<BusinessActivityBinMetaClass> businessActivityBinMetaClassList) { List<Long> srmMetaClassIdList = new ArrayList<Long?(); if(businessActivityBinMetaClassList != null) { for(BusinessActivityBinMetaClass businessActivityBinMetaClass : businessActivityBinMetaClassList) { if(businessActivityBinMetaClass.getSrmMetaClass() != null && businessActivityBinMetaClass.getSrmMetaClass().getSrmMetaClassId() != null) { srmMetaClassIdList.

im speaking at the march memphis jug meeting

I learned a great deal about JMS from Mark Richards at last weekend's NFJS Gateway Software Symposium, and I thought I'd share it with the Memphis Java community. Take a look at for details!

on our way to the gateway software symposium

We're taking most of our team to the St. Louis, Missouri, edition of the No Fluff Just Stuff 2008 tour. This will be my first actual NFJS event. I attended the Spring Experience in 2007, which was put on by the NFJS guys, so I expect this event in St. Louis to be great. Since we're based in Memphis, St. Louis is only about a 4 1/2 hour drive. We're all going to pile in a van and road trip.

grails 10 released

Grails, by far my favorite of the JVM dynamic language frameworks, was released this morning, with a snazzy, new, “Web 2.0 style” website to boot. Congratulations Graeme and company on all of your hard work!

practical jruby on rails web 20 projects

Are Java's days numbered as a web development technology? With buzzwords like Ruby, Rails, and Web 2.0 zipping around the web development community, one may begin to wonder. Could Java's lifespan be extended by finding synergy between Java and Ruby? On the scene comes JRuby, the definitive implementation of Ruby for the JVM. In his new book from Apress, Ola Bini guides the reader through the development of four Web 2.

mid year review my professional development goals for 2007 2008

Back in July I posted my professional development goals for the year (My performance review is annually in July, so it's a good time to set goals.), and it seemed like a good idea to take a look at my progress while doing the “New Year's Resolution” thing. Learn Groovy and Grails Andy and Dave suggest learning a new language every year, so this seemed like a good goal for me.

the state of the art in dependency injection rod johnson

This was a truly fascinating talk. If you ever wanted to learn the entire history and landscape of dependency injection (DI), this was your opportunity. I really didn't realize how deep of a topic DI really is. According to Rod, DI had its beginnings in 2002, in the Interface 21 Framework that was born from his seminal work, Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development. In the beginning, DI was done solely through setter injection (SI), with external metadata (usually in XML).

whats new in spring 25 juergen hoeller

This was my second talk of TSE 2007. I have to admit I chose it by process of elimination - none of the second session talks particularly jumped out and grabbed me like Chris Richardson's talk. Juergen is the project lead for the Spring Framework, so he was the obvious choice to give this talk. Juergen split it up into three sections: Platforms Annotation Configuration AspectJ Support To break down part one as quickly as possible, Spring supports virtually EVERYTHING.