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The Ruby on Rails hype continues - Bruce Tate considers the possibility that it may be “the next big thing,” as well as letting us know that “It's time to start paying attention again. It's time to look at the horizon, beyond Java.” I've been thinking about this issue a lot lately - I mean, even 10 years ago none of us could have predicted that we'd be using Java as much and in the way we are now. It was a C/C++ world. Now we don't know what we'd do without Java - or do we. Scripting languages seem to have the momentum right now - even in the Javaspace (see Groovy). Ruby on Rails, as much as I've seen of it, is EXTREMELY impressive. If we can repeatedly solve the BIG problems in a scalable, maintainable way with these languages, plus we get the added benefits of dynamic typing, etc., why wouldn't we transition? I'm excited to check this book out, and also excited to be in the web development space right now. Who knows - 10 years from now we might be looking at “Beyond Rails.”

IT Observer - A Glimpse at the Future of Programming Languages: O'Reilly Releases “Beyond Java”

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