Designing Cloud Native Architecture for Cloud Infrastructure


In this video course, Matt Stine ties together the triad of DevOps, continuous delivery, and cloud infrastructure. He shows how this combination of principles, practices, tools, and architectural techniques can help you achieve the desired balance of business agility and resilient systems. He offers a definition of the cloud in terms of its essential characteristics; examines its various deployment and service models; explores the common and public capabilities of cloud infrastructure; and drills deep into the two architectural qualities that enable you to exploit the capabilities of cloud infrastructure: disposability and replaceability.

  • Discover the unique characteristics of cloud infrastructure and how to exploit them
  • Understand the importance of disposability and replaceability in cloud architecture
  • Learn how cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and continuous delivery mesh for success

Matt Stine, a 17-year veteran of the enterprise software industry, is the host of “Software Architecture Radio,” a podcast where hands-on practitioners discuss modern software patterns and practices. An in-demand conference speaker (SACON, JavaOne, OSCON, YOW!), Matt wrote the O’Reilly title Migrating to Cloud-Native Application Architectures; works as a technical product manager for Cloud Foundry and Spring at Pivotal; and serves as technical editor of NFJS the Magazine.