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Microservices Reading List

Given the huge amount of buzz around Microservices right now, as well as the huge amount of content being generated, I thought I’d begin curating a “Microservices Reading List.” With that said, the main reason for the creation of this page is the continual question: “Great talk/article/etc. Where can I learn more?”

Below you’ll find articles, blogs, videos, slide decks, etc. I’m going to try to categorize them a bit as well. This is by no means a complete catalog. Continue to check back for updates!

Start Here

It’s Not All Roses…

Here you’ll find posts acknowledging the challenges associated with Microservices:


Microservices is far from being only a technical architecture pattern. There are huge issues associated with culture, team organization, process, data ownership, governance, etc. Here are some relevant pieces:


My new friend Russ Miles is deep into Microservices. He’s primarily focused on the meme of antifragility in software. Here’s some of his stuff:

Useful Architectural Patterns

A lot of patterns are cropping up in the microservices space, many of which are described very well on Martin Fowler’s site:

Conference Presentations

Other Microservices Landing Sites